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YOUNG DICE : Reality Autism Awareness Music lyrics

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YOUNG DICE lyrics : "Reality Autism Awareness Music"

(Verse 1)
Lemme tell ya bout a kid named Alex
Outside, he was happy. Deep down, he was jealous.

Every body all around him is just starting to think
that this happy little kid isn't really what is seems
in dreams. But let's look at reality.

Communication dif-fi-cul-ties, restricting him, socially.
Never had a friend 'cause they talking bout him jokingly.
He never understands anybody, never spoke to me.

These indicators indicate that in this kid is indefeated
Autism is all in him, but there's a way this can get treated:
Medications for anxiety and depression.

Interventions when his whole family is stressing.


He's just like you, just like me.
Nobody knows what he needs.
Open eyes; it's reality.

(Verse 2)
It's not his fault, he must've been born with it.

The cause of autism is said to be from Genetics.
Even heredity, where family is there to blame.
Have you seen the family tree, spreading di-sease like a game.

That might be all wrong,-
there's only theories, doctors still researching all long,
it's been a series, of possible spreading outcomes,

we only see it, then to us, these people all gone,
and this is their song.
When these children need help, they'll always have it.c

Education interventions, counseling a habit.
To us, they're pretty different. but to them, they're living lavish.
I don't need to go further, live life, let it happen,


(Verse 3)

They can be different 'cause we, are noot, normal.
ay ay ay
just let it go.

Let 'em live life, go with the flow.
we ain't gotta be the same,
'cause reality's a game,

it's a show with a brand new episode

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