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YOUNG DICE : Don't Judge Me (Venting) lyrics

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YOUNG DICE lyrics : "Don't Judge Me (Venting)"

I don't wanna go there,
we should never go there.
Why you wanna go there?

I guess I gotta go there.
Every single time I'm gone,

Every single time I'm down, I'm writing a new song.
tryna vent out all my negatives, the power outage on
I'ma rap until I'm never alone,

so long, I'm on.
All I'm tryna do in life is be good person.
But is it really worth it with everyone tryna hurt me?

Like what the $#&@ I ever do? Do I really deserve it?
My alter ego is the reason why I'm never perfect.
My own mom thinks I smoke, but I would never light it.

I lost my best friends from it, and I couldn't fight them.
Now they all are laughing at me like an enemy.
Guess the future that we had was never meant to be.

Thought I lost all of my vision.
Had my heart broken last year, I was hella trippin.

Thinkin bout the good times that we had togetherrr.
Even on your birthday, I thought that we were better.
But I guess that I was wrong, we couldn't have tried it.

You even said you wanted to, and you would even like it.
These other chicks are texting me, they tryna get it sexually,
but I only want you and me to share the same mileage.

Now I'm going further distance, when singing, they all should listen
the pieces I'm tryna picture when recording and then mixing

That's why I'm always trippin, I'm thinkin about times I'm missin,
I'm gettin heat like a kitchen,
a stooooove.

Even through all the abuse,
I love my parents not just for giving their boy a roof.
But for loving me to death, yes I know that that's the truth.

And I wanna pay them back with this rapping thing I do.
And I got aunties and uncles that I'ma do the same.
Can I really make money while I entertain?

I'm tryna get the fourtune, 'cause I know I got the fame.
But the fame ain't worth it when you only making change.
Minority in the game, I know that I'll survive though.

I know there's people that really want me to die slow.
All I can do is smile, while I let the time go.
'cause I'ma be a junior in this thing we call high school.

I'm like you, like you.
Just an average asian kid tryna make it through high school.
I'm tryna do it while it's everyone that's tryna hate.

Tryna get a little respect before I graduate.
Can I do that? Can they give it to me?
Can I get out my name, with no one downing on me?

And without anyone comparing me to trash.
But I'ma let it go, 'cause the past is the past.
JKing, I gotchu, wassup.

Bill Tong, I gotchu, wassup.
Those are my 2 best friends now,
I know they got my back whenever I be feeling down.

I'm gooonne.

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