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YOUNG D : Got 'Em Listening lyrics

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YOUNG D lyrics : "Got 'Em Listening"

They told me jus relax take a hit nd let yuh mind flow
I blew some smoke i let it soak nd then i let my mind go
I cleared my throat ready to go so lit off that hydro

Out came the realist %#@! I wrote cuz yo I'm in my zone
U kno I stay sharp and never off point like rondo
Nd $#&@ a punch line behind the mic I'm throwin combos

Pronto, hunny take a trip up to my condo
Getcha mind blown baby look over Toronto
A good Girl ? %#@! that's hard to find

Shawty I can lock u up behind these bars of mine
Put that %#@! on replay girl get lost wit time
We don't gotta rush things we got lots uh time

Yuh boy a young handsome van gogh
Make art wit every pen stroke
If u ain't paintin pictures what the $#&@ u hold a pen for

Hiphop been wit me through Highs AND lows
I'm mother$#&@in hip hop from my eyes to toes

I can tell u how it is from beginning to end
All the fake friends r jealous of the position I'm in

God I'm not perfect I'm that position of sin
Nd if you hatin' at least I got you listening in
I got u listening in

I got u listening kid

Got you listenin'

To visions
That I'm spitten
Wit some rhythm

If I see em and I like em than u know I'm gunna get em
I ain't sayin that I got it there's no money I'm my pocket
Buh u kno ima open when opportunities knockin

Cuz money Is the motivation
An yuh boy is sick of waitin
Jus gotta stay patient

Keep on grinding never lazy
Savin money, each dollar halal
Worked for every single penny coppin cheques in the mail

Cuz if I got locked up nobody pitching for bail
You jus another bummy dude sitten (*##$en in jail
There's nothin wrong with success I'm reachin out to the youth

And to spit a verse u don't need guns or glod tooth
All you really need is honesty, ability to spit truth
I been true spitten bout everything that I been through

In this booth workin to get where I never been too
It's simple ,I gotta kill every instrumental

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