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Young Crime O.T. : U Kno How it Go lyrics

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Young Crime O.T. lyrics : "U Kno How it Go"

U Kno How it go wen I step in da spot
it's like evrywhere I go I be makin it hot

see they love me in da hood they don't want me to stop
Cause everywhere I go I reside at the top

[Verse 1]
Steppin on the spot well really it's willie
Been to New York bout to make my way to philly

got ice around my neck and I keep my rist chilly
I'm major in my city, uptown gotta feel me
till the hataz in yo zone and wherever praise fell

even down in yo city I been known to raise hell
I'm like kia shine cause the boy stay crispy
they love in me in dc, alabama, mississippi

south carolina and virgina I got fans best believe
I'll kill them other rappers make yo favorite rest in peace
I'mma beast, can't you see me beatin on my chest

young crime got it locked from the east to the west

[Hook 3X]

[Verse 2]
yeah the name young crime I know you heard about me

and if you know then you won't say a word about me
I ain't a violent ^!$$% so what it gon be
If u $#&@in wit D.C Den You Gon Catch Heat

And once again..It's ya boy kong onthe beat
got knog in the trunk you can hear me p the street
and when I'm bumpin' you can see me leanin out the seat

pillin green up out the seat, before they clean out the seat
Naw I ain't like Them ^!$$%z that be comin outta A Town
makin sure my shawty stay up and the rest of ya''ll stay down

I'm 16, On a deal, and got the game on lace down
I'm number one up in the hood I bet you wanna hate now

[Hook 3x]

[Verse 3]

Steppin on the spot yeah you know I'm fresh
yeah I'm talkin bout you ^!$$%z Cause I'm 1 of the best
I'm Killin Grown Folks Cause Ya'll ain't even competion

I freestyled on this track Cause Ya'll don't Want the competition
^!$$%s tried to rap actin like You ^!$$%z can't get it
Actin like you hard off of crimes young C comitted

Damn.. I just love shuttin ^!$$%z feelings down
I was worth a thou gotta be worth a million now
Got Money on my head so I got it to the cieling now

They say my flow tha bomb it's been known for knockin buildings down
Call that boy a terriost, Naw call that boy a menace
one verse on you lames and I'm finished

[Hook 3x]

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