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YOUNG CHRIS : Property Tax lyrics

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YOUNG CHRIS lyrics : "Property Tax"

Salute your $$#, I stay out
Bring the k out
$#&@ the dashes of blue

Got a hustle that's a habit to do
Shoot first so it happen to you
? I'll leave them?on the strip, (*##$

Having a ? till music got me
Now my neighbors got the $#&@ing da to watch me
$#&@ is a hobby much love every once?

Phone closets and the closets, I'll be?
Smoking like?give them everything in the barrel
I $#&@ them good, they double back like bow and arrow

Watch for the snakes, they rattle?
Plus suckers, we kill them all you mother$#&@ers
?got a big mac for you (*##$ $$#

Here's a %#@! back? pick a card would ?
And leave out v with big bags
? ^!$$% we don't give a $#&@ about what they gotta say

Same ? same textes, they gotta pay
Hard ? on the jeans and my trt
.. that's 2 v's before, move keyz before

Back when ^!$$%s couldn't afford, you getting escorted
We waiting on this white lady that's getting deported
A lot of homeys be, shouts to the loyal?

If there's a problem the #[email protected] you ? it
? $#&@ you and screw your (*##$

Get the work in the?bricks
? my jays on, got my shades on and I'm ready for war
$#&@ all you [email protected]^%s

I double back on them, who said I slacked on them
Any production that you rap on them
I get the beat and it's murder she wrote courtesy of

? we go back like that old black Bonnie
? $#&@ing the mommy, .. stuck like zombies

Hit a lot of ?
I ? if it ain't exotic, I don't puff it
Nice size extended I can tuck it in

? try to roll out of blood
? now raise? much love of the 80's
North Philly mother$#&@er, in love with the gutter

I do it for my favorite fiends in love with the butter
I'm a product of the ghetto, I ride with the metal
$#&@ing homey after homey?

I do it for my dogs, till they out of the?

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