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Yellow tape caution, ? cuffers
Blowing up crutches, airing up targets
%#@! ain't adding up, how you [email protected][email protected] out balling

Blow money's fast and you [email protected][email protected] all starving
Is when we set the dogs on them
Young cats? put a ? on them

I get a lock and I shake, here's a shot for the hate
Pack boys, who wanna work, I got a ?
Buy every $#&@ing bottle just to pop in they face

Have a champagne party, (*##$ drown in this ace
Like? money, shooters surrounding his chick
And I'm ? what y'all can take?

Stay ground and never break,
Eliminate all the fakes
Leave up my luggage while you $#&@ers renovate out of state

Lifestyle is corporate get your biznesses straight
Rappers running out of breath, get your finesses' shape
Kinda ? shoot them little pricks off the?

Young pitbull, burn them little tips of my $$#
The %#@! for the love, we ain't hurting out here
? hunting live, ? who wanna die

? I ain't asking who want a ride
I do this %#@! by myself? by my belt, (*##$

Happen every time where I'm from
Never body dropping, [email protected][email protected] call the police
So call gangster tower 911

[email protected]^%s supposed to keep the peace out in the streets
Tell mama it's murder outside
And it just might be her boy

Homicide, gotta question somebody
Somebody, can identify this young boy

Long as I'm alive, I do this %#@! till the death of me
$#&@ing all the (*##$es, touching paper you will never see
How we cook it till never forget the recipe

I've been passed, then why they keep on testing me?
[email protected]^%s get ahead of themselves, think they ahead of me
Better keep this %#@! to yourself,

[email protected]^%s rather see the town fall,
%#@! ? all along, my security is my vest and my gun
I ain't scared, promise to leave them dead

Only (*##$ in my bed, is neither one?
I came up on the weed, ?
Demons in my mirr, streets in my ear

? kinda please keep it there
?trying to build him his career?
I can feel it in the air

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