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(ft. Boyz II Men)

It was feelin with the pressure

I see you what your man smiling, Chanell bag in your hand
I was .. with a fresh new .. pulling off all .. in my mirror
Was that .. gotta been to block

no matter who she with
take it from the ground that's how I get down ..
I've been gone for a month shawty got too many class

To f*ck around and .. he's tryin to work it out
For every day she's thinking about who
see .. number two.. get your p*ssy wet when you think about that

Try to stayin up behind you let you .. back
... I love that ..i hope is good I ain't have to crush ..

Hey lover, hey lover
This is more than a crush

Hey lover hey lover hey lover
This is more than a crush love.
This is more than a crush

Hey lover, hey lover
This is more than a crush.

I see you at the bust out waiting every day
Maserati coop you should travel this way

And I aint' try to violate your relationship
And ain't going back .. what you get this day
Get on top and ride me the neighbor see you scream

I get the p**sy and kill em I even crime see
Kissin all you kiss the move right
Sense of humor the best shawty the cool tight

I tell her baby girl come with me.. I wanna be

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