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YOUNG CHRIS : Flat Line lyrics

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YOUNG CHRIS lyrics : "Flat Line"

check one, check two, showing that the text do
any [email protected][email protected] have shoes sniff a ? and bless you
gonna still stand and talk, don't know what the rest do

aim above the next so we don't care what the west do
22, 25, 38 special, 40 caliber, 44, 50 ? you, ?forget you
put up in the cane, don't get caught up in the rain

you see for death they arrest you
cold blood caravans, disguise [email protected][email protected] guess who
young d texting on the fly [email protected][email protected] catch you

f you, (*##$ $$# [email protected][email protected] there's so much %#@!less,
?to help you [email protected][email protected] solve all your fitness
first 48 make sure you never forget this

catching the appeal gotta make sure you bury the witness
haters i'm %#@!ting all, get my ? all, get the clipping all
?be ready to .. the straw, glock 23 like mac i put the pimping on

32 extended [email protected]$!ed with it i'm spitting all
[email protected][email protected] after kill us we digging their cemetery
i'ma play it (*##$ for life might have been in the obituary

grand rich hustler, millionaire ? i can't ? came on walker yucons
sit them [email protected][email protected] down, we stretch them out ?
bullets in their big $$# heads, ? neutrons

?on my loose sleeves, ? senator ?
money and blue ? don't bomb on my true speed

feeling malibu breeze bad (*##$es and cookies
wait too cooler be booby down to the shoe strings one of the few kings
?where there's no telling whatever ? brings

30k on my mood ring, 30 play how we do things, burn new ways with the blue flames
who trained on your ?lane, come steal a crazy out till you sang
it's getting easy, i ?flipped in the media, money's the only medicine

medicine all we needing it, laws only to bore, i'm %#@!ting on you for autumn
been to hell and back up, ?here's your morning money, chance weather, big bills
you can feel like it's pouring, thunder and hell storming on the first thing in the morning

morning might be hella icey, i should ? [email protected][email protected] that wanna knife me
trying to strike me ? don't play games, no religion campaign, we should be feeling the same thing
you get nothing you maintain, not in my ? wonderful marriage, i'm hooked but i ain't mad at you

look, ?establish the crooks? what i needed for playing about the books ?
?decided that we hollow in here, you can keep the love my heart don't need it
?out the bottom ? completed, shoes calls calls ? evens, yeah, yeah.

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