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YOUNG CHRIS : Criminal Background lyrics

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YOUNG CHRIS lyrics : "Criminal Background"

[Verse 1: Young Chris]
Criminal background, State Prop's back now
Lookin' for a squad like ours, picture that clown

Difference in them verses what we talk we live it too
They just beats and hooks far from lyrical
Just a lil' piece of mind I thought I'd share with you

They don't really care for you
Be a lil' careful, you
Might think you sharin' ya %#@!

And the weirdest %#@!
Then next time you hear his %#@!
You hearin' you

That just let's me know I'm gift with the lyrics too
While I don't take it personal
Reverse em' when they share with you

Keep her near you, unless you sharin'
Cuz I party mines
Sippin' on my name while you lames drinks Bacardi lime

I'm takin' brains for the game when it's party time
Thinkin' you here to hang with the gang?
Well I'm sorry ma

Go ahead ma, keep ya ol' man Chris
Not Ronnie, ain't no old man %#@!
Plus you know this

[Chorus: Peedi Crakk]
Criminals grindin', you hear us rhymin'

But at the same time nines is in alignment
State Prop, a problem try to hide ya diamonds
As if Peedi and them Youngins won't find em

As if B. Sig and Freeweez ain't behind em
Omilio Sparks and Oschin, perfect timin'
We criminal background, we back now

So lemme see ya mother$#&@in' diamonds, diamonds...

[Verse 2: Peedi Crakk]

Know Crakk pick up on em (*##$es like Chevys
Got my Avalanche tinted, know who in it P and Lezzy (P and Lezzy)

Blowin', ? then he passed it to Haniffy
Tell me Crakk is off his grindin'
I'm in the heaviest weight class ho

C.R.E.A.M's say blast
Got a camera in my bathroom lookin' at ya $$#
Know my whirl-a-frame playin' too bout to break fast

Get a half, while my ^!$$% Tommy Buttas do the math (do the math)
It's like a capsule, you can see it from the past
From the way they call me Crakk, from upstate I'm countin' cash

From Montgomery's $$#
I might blast you, look at my lap, I'm in the cash rule
The girls feel so good, but the brain is not ready, I don't know

I'd rather talk to a woman, cuz their mind is so steady, now here we go


[Verse 3: Young Chris]
I undastand that the ROC a crowded family

But I gotta lotta family
And I'm one of the hottest
I know the fans runnin' to cop us

Will need that jam that have Def Jam want em to drop us
Can't none of them stop us, one in the top plus
Ya don't really live it ya'll runnin' the blockbust

They get it from the flicks (watchin' too many movies)
Now watch them cameras
If they don't get it from a snitch, they get it from the flicks

I limit on these chicks, and kinda when I get head
Ever since they told me you could get it from the lips
I never hadda pops, I can get it from some %#@!

Used to get it on the strip, or they get it from the clips


[Outro: Young Chris]
Young C!... P.C.!

Chad West, yous a problem!
Brian Crest, holla at ya boy!
My ^!$$% P!
Neef Buck, Face Dolla
Sigel, Free, O and Sparks

It's our summer
Brice holla at the doe!

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