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YOUNG CHAIN REMIX lyrics : "Heat Over Here"

I will continue to look at the Dance and Cool in the Hot
Life is short example than you think
I do not care separately Well hey meaning Haterz

It's not there and we'll see with a cold eye Hello
Thereby Dis in the shadows from the (*##$ Back Alley
The only fall Flowers bloom without underground

Kiss My $$# If you like $$# than Top
Hotness from Sex with boyfriend
I turn takes away all of YOUNG CHAIN

Year of the Rooster 93 that grew wings
The Flappin towards commonplace tomorrow '
How can you get Pace too fast that you are visible

Top Speed ​​wonder (Burn!!) Can race
It 's time that this town also admit defeat
$#&@ Dat ze no seniority Huhhhh? Interested!

-Verse 2 - MURes

Oke blocked ear is OK
To it from teaching timetable

It captures the words at the beginning of the shell
The eyes met full belly YOUNG CHAIN
Bad School Education 's not enough

No sense not only it also Plus Street
For those in the underlying intention
Hater discord is not a failure

Also guy that is standing to stir up
Equal really must pass before the front of the Mic?
Attitude swing precariously

Rie's seen evil It is different from the thing that the view that?
sense was omitted common sense to crush
Pace of this from my point of view it will see

I reap now without decaying uncertainties
Hood Finest YOUNG CHAIN ​​wins

-Verse 3 - MIDDLE

Start of line should have crossed a long time ago
Vision always vaguely that crosses my mind

Arousal that can not be stuffed hemorrhoids cut-no heat
Back Step probably no way step tardy
The dull in Party Madji no Chain

Serious child begins also to play in this song
A cold plate also Hot and we'll be ride
Gold you decide whiz to do

Limelight bathe pop out box cramped
Whose screenplay it your not wrong?
Shut Down in two seconds if Heads you know

I should have waited for the Heads if you know
It holds already if your Heart
Until dawn this night you do not want to release

Dance is good with two people, but after all
All I'm waiting for my song from

-Verse 4 - R.O.G

After losing last Rap Is Gamble
All right if you do not run away without getting lost in the icon
Damn After losing Life Is Game

I just bet your life it knew
Or "That was no good" or "Dase~e think this"
I and I do not know well

We Never Die without shelter
It is not so clear you can see from
I have cut caustic words without Happan

High odd person also I ask
Sign of the city takes lose sight of smoke
If We Are Young Gunz that I'll play Come here

One Love to show off Hang Out on the scene
Bun Bun Even I with Under %#@! ignition!
By the end of the end of the period to make spoken to know

Just be reasonably'm aping until now
I'm going to carrying without may also throw circle and leave it
I sniff out Chance and trap lying around if you come site

-Verse 5 - A.N.Z

YES!!!!!'s My turn finally
I'ma 4 No. batter to kill in one shot
Rap Show to deliver to the town which it cold

Burn care YOUNG CHAIN ​​Ultra Hot
Crown of this town to have you
My Swag you have not been placed in the Bag
Wonder if my fault etc. if global warming
This story you do not know Nya higher-up

This state that can not be something igg
You know the world went up in all-you-can-I we
You can not know I'm good if not interested
We're Gonna get to know the "regret" and instead
The Flash Back in the head and over

Feet dizzy When I was subsided
It looks like not hide withdrawal
The Holla'm freaky at any time if you come to want!

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