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Young Casper : MVP lyrics

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Young Casper lyrics : "MVP"

Young Casper:Baby I'm your Mvp
Just take one look at me
I could be everything you

ever need You know I'm your
rockstar, your allstar, ya doctor
That's why what ever you need I

got ya

Casper:ain't know stoppin my game

you other players is lame
I'm headin to the hall of fame
Your team is just ashame

go ahead and point the blame
cause this is my game I'm dunkin on
ya like Lebron James

Chorus:MVP is me and me is MVP
You can't beat me, cheat me, or defeat me

I'm such a beast you'll never even see me
Believe me you'll wish you never knew me
That's the life of a MVP

Casper:When I step on the field my name echoes
through the stadium I take hits like I'm

made of titanium I'll shake you break you
anything I got to do In football I'm known
as Jimmy Graham so I rule You some fools

If you don't know who makes the rules


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