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Young C feat. Lil Zay lyrics : "Test my Choppa"

music playin
aint dats dat ^!$$% nick right there yea datz dat $#&@ ^!$$% pass me dat choppa

dat ^!$$% aint dead yet
turn rite here %#@!

test my choppa it got a thousand rounds,
one hit ^!$$% and yo azz on da ground

^!$$% test my choppa

[Verse 1 Young C]

i got choppaz on deck
dat a leave yo body wet
we dont coc pistols ^!$$% we coc tecs

wen i die put a gloc by my side and a all black vest to protect my chest
tell my momma wen i die dont get to stress
u $#&@ ^!$$%z need to step back cauz dats wat best

got choppas 4 everybody now tell me who's next
i pray to god everynite
hopin i dont lose dis life

but if i die hopfully not by a gunshot or knife
i hate $#&@ ^!$$%z dats y i got a choppa 4 everyone of dese ^!$$%z i dislike


[Verse 2 Lil Zay]

dis dat boy lil zay
i tote nothin but dem i k's

i got real %#@! dat a put u in yo grave
if i die ima die were i stand
i gunnin u $#&@ ^!$$%z down like i was a hitman

i want u dead like u got a pricetag on yo head
and if yo tee was white den im leavin it red
my bullets stay sharp nothin but hollo-tips

i leave u ^!$$%z dead in dese streetz like a road kill
and if u play me wrong get popped like a pill
my choppa bullets flyin at cha faster den a damn drill

[chorus]till end

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