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Young C feat. Lil Zay lyrics : "Real Niggaz"

this 4 my real ^!$$%z rite here i do dis 4 scifi and big mark

dis 4 my real ^!$$%z like scifi and big mark

lil duke i love ya mane dat %#@! come from da heart
mark got 15 at 25 in some motha$#&@in prison
they gave big yoe at least 30 now we sippin dat lean

and scifi he back again dey might give him 10 mo
they gave tony 2 years cauz da names he spoke,its no joke up in atmo da white man own it,
u say yes sir to him but u jus call me homie

lay down go do yo time gotcha sister, gotcha mother
send u money every week cauz i love ya
tru u no i gotcha haters i see u later

momma wonder y yo child so rich i chase paper
they got souljas in da prison
real $$# ^!$$%z doin time cauz dey was labeled as da top-ten criminals

i was raised by some thugs dey locked-up or dey all dead
they could have fought temptation but dey solid and dey hard head


no matta whose fake or tru

doe dey cant tak dat out of u
weather you're here or far away from here
you're still missed,you're still missed

and even doe you gotta move on
im comin out 4 u jus hold on
memories can last forever,ever

you are a real ^!$$%


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