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YOUNG BUCK : Rap City Freestyle lyrics

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YOUNG BUCK lyrics : "Rap City Freestyle"

(feat. Paul Wall)

[Paul Wall:]

Rap City we live in the booth right now
Paul Wall holdin' it down as a host
We got Young Buck buckin' the world right now

its goin' down
Whoo Kid on the tables

Young Buck what it do baby?

[Young Buck:]

Ah man I'm finnin' to let 'em know man
I just gotta
I gotta tat it up in here for a minute

[Paul Wall:]
Yeah I see ya man

Go on tear this mic up man

[Young Buck:]

Hey yo shout out to Swizz
Shout out to everybody
I'm a rip this Swizz this is what i'm a do for it

Check me out
Hold on lets see

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
Let me put this on ya brain
If rap stopped today I'd still do my thang

I bought a business before I bought me a chain
Took my mama out the bricks and put a car in her name
Pay my homies Half's bond just to get him on the street

Hopin' if I get locked up 50 do it for me
Payin' everybodys bills
I'm locked down for real

This is what we do we get it how we live
Hey yo Paul Wall I keep tellin' 'em
All these dudes don't know what we sellin' them

I get to the money
Ya'll know what it is you will never take nothing from me
Freestylin', buck wilding off the dome

Give me a second and I'll be off in ya home
I ain't playin' I ain't doin' none of that
I came in here strapped

To give Fisk and Pog caps
Infared on all straps
Holla when you see me

Right here BET i'm on TV
Ain't too many of ya'll can be me
Cause ya'll is smaller than Beanie

[Young Buck:]
Get to the money holla man

Straight off the dome bro
Thats freestylin'

[Paul Wall:]
Now thats freestylin'

[Young Buck:]
That ain't just spittin' on paper

[Paul Wall:]
No pen and paper
Thats freestylin'

[Young Buck:]
I wanted to give ya'll me just freestylin' man

[Paul Wall:]
Live in the booth baby

On Rap City baby
Its Young Buck
Buckin' the world

And Paul Wall
Gettin' money and stayin' true baby
We out of here

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