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YOUNG BUCK : Project Niggas (feat. Mobb Deep) lyrics

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YOUNG BUCK lyrics : "Project Niggas (feat. Mobb Deep)"

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
Tha sound of gunshots, the smell of swisha-sweets
Ki's of co-caine is all a ^!$$% see (K'Yeah!)

And all these ^!$$%s be lookin' fo' a lick to hit
'Cause it don't look like we livin' these bricks to quit (Nah!)
On dem hot summa nites we be servin' the white (Aiight!)

On dem cold winta days we be shootin' A.K's
You ain't safe 'round homie, you on the yard
It's everyman fo' himself ^!$$%, livin' is hard (Git moneyy!)

You see the cars, the brauds, the ghetto super stars
Some ^!$$%s got money and fo'got who they are ((*##$!)
We rob, kill, steal, whateva

(Aye yo Donn, when ya gittin' out the hood?) - Neva!!
My people need me, my heart is still here
And even tho police be hatin' I'm still here (Still here!)

I'm standin' on this corner 'till my pockets bigger
I'm goin' to my grave as a Project ^!$$%

[Chorus: Young Buck w/ Prodigy]
You can take me out the hood, but the hood still in me
A Project ^!$$% 'till Tha Lord come git me

(Yo we hood ^!$$%s, project ^!$$%s, everybody know we some ghetto $$# ^!$$%s)
You can take me out the hood, but the hood still in me
A Project ^!$$% 'till Tha Lord come git me

(Straight hood ^!$$%s, project ^!$$%s, y'all betta know we some ghetto $$#

[Verse 2: Prodigy]
Triple threat, VIP, Tha Don
P., (*##$ git a look at his arms

We megastars, we got bullet-proof cars
And we ridin' in dem %#@!s, wit' the guns in the trunk
Dome, is the only thang we smoke

I ain't pickin' seed out my weed since 9-4
In New York, Tha Projects is where we feel safe
Surrounded by the others like us, we embrace

All the bull%#@!, git you ^!$$%s a void
This is our life, we ain't got no choice
We enjoy ourselves in the middle of hell

Shots poppin', ^!$$%s mite run up on you wit' and tell
Blow you away, you'll die witcha gun on ya waist
Half $$#ed in a bare cold case

^!$$% you ain't got strength like Tha Mobb and G-Unit
In the ghetto, my ^!$$%s rear run up in ya place


[Verse 3: Havoc]

Aye yo
Tha thangs that I go thru, these ^!$$%s, they stay hatin'
They blood, I can taste it, Buck I'm losin' my patience

And $#&@ this rap %#@!, dudes got it $#&@ed up boi
Don't ya know we gittin' money so we got more toys?
I $#&@ed ya (*##$ and think nuthin' of it, and I

Got mad drama but we still out clubbin'
We still out gunnin', dumpin' mad clips
Homie we got this, and y'all ain't have this

Baby ain't nuthin', you know I'm spittin' that crack %#@!
Like I'm still on the block, picture police flippin'
Like I'm still in the kitchen cookin', workin' that Trip Beam

Have fiends baggin', watch dem lick the plate clean
Do this fo' my ^!$$%s up North from dem State Greens
Bustin' dem hammers fo' clippin' in the sing-sing

All my hood ^!$$%s don't worry just maintain
You know whudd it is, G-Unit what I bang


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