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YOUNG BUCK : G-Shit lyrics

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YOUNG BUCK lyrics : "G-Shit"

(feat. All Star)

[Intro : Young Buck]

You know whudd it is.. G-Uniit, SAA-OUTH!!

[All Star]

Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Ha..
Yeah (G'yeah), I'm tha Prince of tha 'Ville..
Ha.. All Star..

Lyrics wise, I'm tha best man, y'all already know
So dis time around I'm gon' done down my flow, man
There very few rappas dat use to git it off snow

From my mouf to y'all ears, man these ^!$$%s is ho's
Runnin' around to tha bars, sayin' how fake I am
Then ya see me in tha streets and ya shakin' my hand (Whuddup Stunna?)

Then you pull off in ya ride and ya playin' my jam
^!$$% make up ya mind, Is you a hata or fan? Damn!
Y'all ^!$$%s is actin' way to tough

Don't make me send my ^!$$%s through, make you shut df up (Shhh)
I ain't givin' in to all dat he sayd she sayd
My ^!$$%s (Taking Hits) like Buck & D-Tay

Tell me whatchu know about Star?
Pull out from tha club with ya (*##$ in the car!
Have they mind blown from tha %#@! in tha jar

And then pop anutha bottle, 'nutha twisted, nutha gone
Easy git anutha (*##$, $#&@ it - we all rich ($#&@ It!)
Shiit, if we ain't - chya babymama convinst (Ha ha)

Yeah, if he ain't, how he talk so slick
'Cause on tha low in 04, he really bought those bricks
Tha case is beat, we $#&@in' wit' rap

(Pac-Man) runnin' wit' us, so they callin' him bad
He offically grind hard, so how gutta's dat
East-syde heavy hittas don't do nuthin' but Trap

Tha streets respect a ^!$$%, 'cause I grind and ball
They say Star even gittin' love behind tha walls
Take dis mixtape money, go and buy me a coup'

See, I'm remindin' you, of what you trynnah do

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