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YOUNG BUCK : Driving Down The Freeway (G-Mix) lyrics

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YOUNG BUCK lyrics : "Driving Down The Freeway (G-Mix)"

You, you, you with your funny, fun, fun
Lookin up at the sunny, sun, sun
Butterfly cheeks and lemoncut hair

Hardly a worry and never a care

In her eyes, the color of love

In your eyes, the color of love


Diamond in the back with the sunroof open
Driiiiivin down the freeway
Eyes real low, just singin my song

Driiiiivin down the freeway
Life already fast so I'm movin along
Driiiivin down the freeway

Blowin my smoke all by myself, just
Driiiivin down the freeway

Lemme drop my top, turn up my pac
Now close ya eyes, picture me rollin through ya block
Holla back baby, my chevy clean but my lac crazy

The back bumpa on the ground like I'm ridin with a fat lady
Look what god gave me
A 72 caprice classic, race me, it go about a buck-80

Turnin heads as I switch lanes
No ice, I let my $%&^xx wear my big chain
Big things going down in a small hood

Jack boys wanna rob, I wish ya'll would
See when the sunshine come out, the lamborghini somehow
Had them haters mad, lookin at me with their tongue out (wow)


Candy coated muscle car, cause I'm a hustle star
This is how we love to ball, me and my roll dogs
Inside sweet like new cucci, the roof gucci

The mats on my floor roll like sushi
Flyin through traffic, don't trip
Gotta hemi with a tip

I can give it to ya real quick
Lewis sonnis got me feelin like I'm floatin
Or is the kush that I blow in trill motion

I hit the block with the doors open, the hoes open
I'm lookin like a video in slow motion
And I'm feelin like new money

You haters too funny
Mad cause the paint fresh, shoes ugly


I walk with a lean, I only bump the 80's themes

Hand $%&^x stuck in the seat, I'm a ladies dream
Since days of the teens, servin the fiends was all that I've seen
The american dream, but life ain't no crystal stack

And it ain't with it seem
The streets ain't playin it fair
Listen up, ride with us, we can take you there

I ride cadillacs on custom hoods, caps and vogues
I ride black on black, back to back
Fresh from head to toe

Everywhere we go, more hoes, and plenty of dro
Everywhere we go, more shows, and plenty of dough
It's young noe, adi, young buck and capp

And we do this for respect, and hi tek, bless the track
We ridin

Driiivin down the freeway


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