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YOUNG BUCK : Blood In Blood Out lyrics

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YOUNG BUCK lyrics : "Blood In Blood Out"

(feat. Rizin Sun)

[Young Buck]

Dis for all dem ^!$$%z out dere jackin
This how we gon' put it down
Dem gangsta ^!$$%z from J.C. center court 12th

3rd Avenue, my block
^!$$%, murder murder mayne

I come nake faceded, ain't no need for a ski-mask
From neck down, I'm black down, eye to eye when I blast

[Rizin Sun]
No question, I got the code
Now how many bodies out there take out before I reload

Hit 'em below

[Young Buck]

His $#&@in knees
Before we leave, we gon' locate them ki's
A ^!$$% gotta eat, ya heard me?

[Rizin Sun]
You know the player when we get there, kill e'rything in there

Leavin no clues, like we never even been there

[Young Buck]

Life ain't fair, but $#&@ it it's a new year
I'm grabbin my strap, @@#!in it back, and boo-yaa
We almost thay-urr

[Rizin Sun]
Lock down the spot

Put your vest on punk, we in the parking lot

[Young Buck]

One of them all day killers, who's hard to spot
Jackin all y'all whether it's dark or not

[Chorus: both 2X]
It's blood in - blood out - and you know what I'm about
I'm ridin high - ^!$$% I'm ridin high

So don't get in if you ain't about it spendin it big
Cause I'm clearin the block - oh I'm clearin the block

[Rizin Sun]
We did our job, now we on the next mission
The next victim, go on see if the tec spittin

[Young Buck]
No bull%#@!tin, see they don't know just how we livin

I'm goin all out, I ain't scared to go to prison

[Rizin Sun]

Make your own decision, it's gon' be a long ride
I need the money, I can't wait a long time

[Young Buck]
Keep a strong mind, cause we done waited in a long line
Just to get our shine on, now it's our time

[Rizin Sun]
Believe that, it's our turn

Pull out your weapon to burn, get what you earned

[Young Buck]

We all must learn, that money is the key to life
And ^!$$%z gon' die if we ain't eatin right

[Chorus w/ minor variations]

[Young Buck]

Who you know livin right, ain't nobody spreadin love
^!$$%z snown off that white, goin out and sheddin blood

[Rizin Sun]
Life lookin like my momma said it would
Whether or not I still ride for the hood, I'm on my block

[Young Buck]

My ^!$$%z they slang rocks, shoot it out with cops
From J.C. the center court life's hard knocks

[Rizin Sun]
Hold on, grab your glock, did you see the car stop?

(Which one?) The black Benz with the top dropped

[Young Buck]
$#&@ 'em, the mac-10 with the infrared dot
Represent how I'm livin, keep on drivin down the block

[Rizin Sun]
Oh it's on now, let's take the back route
Get your mac out, it's blood in blood out


[RS] Clear the block, shoot 'em up, shoot 'em up
[YB] Nuttin but gangsta ^!$$%z - be clearin the block
[RS] Ay man, Rizin Sun and Buck

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