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I got all this money round me
All these goons around me

All these d boys round me
Got all this dope around me
Oh no, I see why they talk about me

Oh no, I see why they talk about me
I got all these killers round me
All these robbers round me

All these hoes around me
Got all these (*##$es round me
Oh no, I see why they talk about me

Oh no, I see why they talk about me

[Verse 1]

Yeah, see way them ^!$$%s gasing up again
All they make is slaps
Toe got my money, oh this Yo MTV Raps

Fast money, I can sprint thousand laps
Hit my booster up, my daughter need some %#@! from baby Gap
Fifteen pounds of purps and thirty-five pounds of mid

Sell me like four zips of molly's
I ain't really know that it came like this
Lil Ray-Ray clean my forges

He let him clean my crib
He told me he do carbon,
Hell I told him I do flip

Real ^!$$% %#@! straight up,
All bull%#@! to the side
One more time for my joe ^!$$%s

Getting off Airmax 95
Yeah, drop top bumping that Lupe
Hard top bumping that old face

Pull me off with a half of plug
Gotta let that (*##$ off the fourway
Right hand up I'm real ^!$$%

My homie locked up, I'm still with you
Young ^!$$% strapping at the barber shop
Had a quarter ounce strapped and Hilfiger

Said some ^!$$%s rather be pimping
But me I ball like Michael Jeffrey
It's bringing me some of they good %#@!

Lit a fizz up, call it a dirty piff


[Verse 2]
Got me laid up in this Days Inn

Sixty dollar rooms
The young ^!$$%s been getting it off
Ever since we brought it to em'

Can't be paranoid, picking it up
Or under pressure, whippin it up
Couple ^!$$%s I know took a fall ain't never getting it up

I'm telling papi send it up
Baking soda blend it up
I told the mayor $#&@ yourself

Selling dope because my rent is up
Hey all my cars tinted up
I need my picture centered up

Your lil (*##$ don't stand a chance
I like my (*##$es thick as $#&@
My click deserve a kodak moment

Smile, say cheese ^!$$%s
Hey get this, the bread letters catch up on these ^!$$%s
Going once, going twice, what your life cost

Fifteen hunned pounds, in the [email protected]&(t with the lights out
My old lady counting three mill and can't tell you where we live
I'm just drankin champagne in True Religion in green hills

Chanel 5 sent me a tweet asked me did I buy my chain?
I thought y'all had all the news (*##$
I've been doing my thang


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