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YOUNG BUCK (FT. MEEK MILL) : Lean Wit It (Remix) lyrics

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YOUNG BUCK (FT. MEEK MILL) lyrics : "Lean Wit It (Remix)"

In the streets gonna meet you
I got my (*##$ breaking the lead she can't sleep with it

House smelling like we on but we unloving
And my garage.. But i'm all roe
Pop the bills f*ck some wills yeah i'm roll

Free scales so i got the white girls blow
You need a key for you to lock it down
Pulling up my money f*ck it up this holly town

Keeping the movie let em movin when i'm not a whine
I'm prime pressure making all ball lot of bound
I'm..make em bro with the ight soff

They wanna party they don't care if the white..
I leave em with no description i amke em ..
Along your body with your (*##$ white..

I'm whipping up a .. Hundred..
So all i need for you to do is get some..
Dope boy getting money with the number man

Ok body cool let my mama..my mind right
And i'm whipping with ym left hand
You think you step on the reason why i step down

You ain't telling me


Lean with it, rock with it
Is ball, doesn't make up in the pock with it
Michael way but we gonna pop with it

When we get right we drop the $$# and make it laugh with it
I tell em lean with it, rock with it
Michael way but we gonna pop with it

When we get right we drop the $$# and make it laugh with it

I made a million off the mixtape

^!$$% get a g straight, i'm selling that rock %#@!
You selling that whip way
Couldn't have a whole..my wrist

When i pull up to the club you said you ..
50 cash in my pocket ^!$$% i got your stash in my pocket
I'm blowing money fast in my pocket

Set it looking like i got, nicky yes in my pocket
Talking $$# $$# $$# i get this cash cash cash
Cut in my last tash could've bought a fast..

Boy this (*##$ is waving at me
You think the..
Wonder why you hatin on me

It's your mad $$#
Rolling on me 'cause a whole bridge
Killers with me ain't got no pick

Just .. (*##$es ain't got no..
Say we lay a movie on the.. No script


36 treatin like a dirty (*##$

'Cause i heat it then i ..of strip
Call em anything don't call em by my government
'Cause when i'm matching in the jugle i sell em bricks

Had to..in my hobby have some dollar %#@!
We be on some sneaky have a ?%#@!
Fire rock ..brign em on the ..

Lean with it, rock with it
Post eleven in the ..
..adn em busy so when they pull us over


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