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YOUNG BUCK (FT JUICY J) : Brand New lyrics

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YOUNG BUCK (FT JUICY J) lyrics : "Brand New"

I'm, i'm fly
i'm brand new and everythign paid though
i'm really sneaky int he club

look at, look at
look at em, look at em yeah

david now i'm back to give em hell again
feel liek a ^!$$% it may belly ..
bought my whole hoes got me feelin some more hoes

i told my partner i put it morning keep his clothes on
..you're a ..i want ti all
if you a passenger ..

i told her baby why shoudl i try you when i can buy you
why should naughty dirty money ..
said i ain't brand new you so mother f*ckeing liar

pinch my young ^!$$% ..but they go retire
'cause they ..some chain make it stucky got some chain
just 'cause you have a team that don't mean

that you got ..
we at the ..whole club go dummy
i .. whole club throwing money

i ..whole club ..these ^!$$%s can't see me
but their (*##$es hear em coming

i'm actign brand new, i'm brand new, i'm brand new
i'm acting brand new

i'm brand new, i'm brand new
..they can play this %#@! ..i do

i'm brand new, brand new
hold this ..is what i do stop the party
look at me, look at me

i think i'm balling (*##$ i'm acting brand new
this is what i do, look at me
i think i'm acting (*##$ i'm brand new, brand new

this is what i do

holla yellow (*##$ lookign round tuff ..

ball i stuck that out i'm .. i made an option
^!$$%s talk a %#@! so i'm going choppa ..
..for the case if i give the chopp

ahole lot of money
i make your (*##$ and ..
this is waht i do .. tell no lie

..liek honeys round round magic city ..throwing money
.. on the couch who running
flip that (*##$ a few time .. recline

you will make me .. you intimidate the .. i shine


i mak them dogs liek .. i ain't have
im pushing ..did you tought thta ..

.. niga like a ..%#@!
i do what i want do .. with a rare .. so instead
i'm a .. aint' got a .. damn proof

(*##$ i'm getting ..chopper plan
bottle ..tell my girl
you know make em ..

these other ^!$$% you ain't got these


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