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Young Breezy lyrics : "Game Twisted"

see ^!$$%z got da game twisted wit dat cappin to much, keep runnin yo mouth wit dat snitchin they'll be baggin u up, see they'll be taggin you up, if you tryta rat out my block,see we'll leave u at First Baptist in a box.

[Verse 1 Young Breezy]
^!$$%z wit dat snitchin betta stop because the cops aint gon protect yo weak $$#, yo family uh be visitin you at Smalls once the law find yo body slained in the trash, and for that ^!$$% who told them folks on my brotha maine I'ma let da %#@! go, you already got AIDS so I'ma let you die slow, these ole talkin $$# ^!$$%z runnin they mouth, tellin the folks wat you got in yo house,
since he wanna be a rat nickname him Mickeymouse,


[Verse 2 Young C]
these ^!$$%z turn faker den fairy tells
they got da game twisted like DNA cells

snitchin $$# ^!$$% a love da time cut for da tell
these ^!$$%z changin like da wheather
clamin real in these streets but in jai they turn softer then a feather

i heard u snitches got a new out called da tattle-teller
comin wit dat snitchin a end up like dat ^!$$% off goodfellas
snitchin $$# ^!$$% say my name 5 times i come quicker then candyman

stunt my whips got mo colors then da spaces on candyland
snitchin on da realest mane dis ^!$$% got to be kiddin
no love u can't get %#@! but yo grave where i'm diggin

do u feel wat i'm spittin


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