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Young Bleed lyrics : "The Day They Make Me Boss"

Hey dog, you know who this is right?
It's that G street %#@! ^!$$% you know what I'm talkin about
come on

Southside, ^!$$%s make that money
Make that ah ah
Northside, ^!$$%s make that money

Make that hah
Eastside ^!$$%s make that money
Make that ah ah

Westside ^!$$%s make that money
Make that
Live life in legacy is my destiny ^!$$% fo sho

You know I'd rather take it slow doe
Hoppin out the four door

Dramatized off in this game but it ain't no disrespecting myself
So it ain't no disrespectin my game
Can you hear me meng?

Better watch where ya walkin if you talkin that %#@!
Especially if you counterfeit
$#&@ around and get your wig split

Tryna dig %#@!
But really I ain't no murderer
But hear me when I say

^!$$% I ain't never heard of ya
Full of that weed
I get to bellin on the block

Doin bout fo-five
Takin nathen from none a yall
So you know I ain't no jive

^!$$% that's my mentality
Don't catch no casualty

^!$$% cause in reality
It's bout a salary

^!$$% I'm from a town called fresh
Off your mother$#&@in $$#
Steady mobbin to the gunblast

Take a turn in my way
See me playin wit my A.K.
And smokin on some hay on Valentine's Day

^!$$% hah hear me say whut
See me ridin cool as glide

With my thang right by my side
Suggesting ya'll put down your pride
Cause only playa hatas die

And ain't no love for the other side
So ain't no way I'ma let it ride
I-oh I oh I

^!$$% come get some bump and put yo mug on and (*##$ meng
Playa hatas gonna get served when I put my gloves on now get right

When you interfere in my zone get caught up in a rapture
You can't capture the kick crime bones and slap it ask hops

Traveling through the hearts of men
I can see all the sin we in
Some of ya'l gonna pretend

To the end and back again
So it ain't no friends
Hey now

That's why I don't play nah
You gonna hear a ^!$$% say hah
Give a $#&@ about none of ya'll

Give a $#&@ about one time
That's why I stay high till I die

Steady countin my fetti
Little ^!$$% nuts to finally got heaven
See me walkin wit a cowgirl don't know down to eleven

To the back of a chevy
Ready or not here I come
So can I be the chosen one

Noddin like a poppa don
Click gettin ready to drop the bomb
Booya bam you were here me say damn
Steady walkin and talkin in the silence of the lambs
And I cram to understand

With a pistol in hand
Impress another killin clan
Tryna figure how a ^!$$% just could kill a man
Maybe cause he ain't feel the man
My ^!$$%s got me trippin off the %#@! they play in my head

Fatal visions of that infrared
^!$$% crucified on the cross
In the land of the lost
And resurrected
On the day they made me boss in this mother$#&@er

God bless the child that hold his own on the microphone
Home alone and name is Corleone
Tryna get it before its gone
Hoppin in the cadillac broham

And I'm on in time
Feelin like the world is mine
Single handedly on the grime
Tryna stay away from one-time
Don't mind but a gotta figure
All these years if I pull this trigger

With ^!$$%s chestin up like their nuts got bigger
Cause (*##$es still hollerin thugs and my ^!$$%s
Fore score about 24 years ago just a pimp ho
Momma told me how the game go
And it's still the same skinny ^!$$% lookin for the rainbow
To the top of the world if you ain't afraid
^!$$% let's get paid

Hear me holler $#&@ em all
If they (*##$ made
Switchin like switch blade
Hey naw that's why I don't play now
You'll hear a ^!$$% say hah
Give a $#&@ about none a ya'll
Give a $#&@ about one time

That's why I stay high till I die
Come back again to the hearts of men no longer living in sin
Still smokin my weed sippin on a half pint of gin
With a devilish grin
JD's revenge
In the lap of luxury
It ain't no touchin me ho (*##$

$#&@ wit me
On a daily maybe

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