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Young Bleed lyrics : "Da Last Outlaw"

"Come on out with your hands high!
"Hahahaha, with your hands high!
Hahhaha huh I better reason with him"

Why don't you ride to the rhythm of a ^!$$% don't give a $#&@ about ya'
Won't even talk about ya', ho

You ain't know? I'm just a hustler, in spite of myself
Ridin' all by myself, without no one else
Looky here

On my Doc Holidays, boy I piss upon your grave
And wipe the smile away
^!$$%, don't even try

Fistful of dollars, we gon' ride
Ya hear me, ^!$$%?
See I ain't got that many friends, white tombstone

[?] Me and Rudy go to war with - anybody

From the ^!$$%s, to the killas

They callin' me a bad man ridin' 'cross the desert plains
And Mama still can't explain without the 'caine
It's raw, boy

Cowboys hear the "Yippie-yi-yay!"
Murder dancin' where the Indians play
Watch what you say

Durin' the spiritual ritual huntified ceremony
Clickin' swines[?] that'll get you on a Shetland pony
Memoirs of a madman - Killer Carl Cox and Bill Watts

'Couldn't rassle nappy ^!$$%s with a lasso
Heated like Tabasco, it's on
^!$$% quick on the draw

And he get to bustin' on them (*##$es like the Last Outlaw
Uh, ^!$$% what!

Cowboy I'm gonna [?] you are a testly li'l cuss[whistling]"

^!$$%s and (*##$es call me Nino Corleone, I got a license to kill
But ain't no playa hatin' in me, I got love for the real
So if you see me with my [guv?], just move and step aside

Hit me up and let a ^!$$% just ride
South Side
Got your mouth wide, buckin' for nothin'

Now if you're 'bout it, be 'bout it 'bout it, and without no discussion
Now if you're talkin', keep talkin', and get a dick in yo' mouth
Don't hide now, torchin' up the whole house

Know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
Picture me coolin' on the 6th day of June
Down in Cancun, Mexico

But if you stress me, ho, I guess I gotta let it go
And ain't no shootin' up at the moon

I'm tryin' to knock yo' $$# up out the saloon
@@#!, kaboom!
In a raccoon hat like Davy Crockett

$#&@in' wit' that opium, getting high as a rocket
And, um, rocket gonna blast, for playin' with the trigger
^!$$%, rocket put a cap in a ^!$$%(boo-ya! )

Full a' that weed
Watchin' mother$#&@ers bleed
But not takin' heed

Steady proceeding with their devilish deeds
Fatal with flaw, mad at the world with no regards for the Law
Finna' get to bustin' on them (*##$es like the last outlaw

Huh, ^!$$%, what!

"I coulda killed ya Dick, I coulda killed ya.

But I don't wanna kill ya, I wanna eat"

I fought the Law, and the Law won

You see, I shot the sheriff but forgot his son
Totin' on a shotgun with pistol full of hot ones
"Ay yo, sheriff, he still wit' you?" I popped him and dropped him

And took his potna's crown
It's a brand new sheriff in town
And I don't think you wanna $#&@ around

Double jeopardy for the deputy dog
$#&@in' wit' a hog
Say y'all, y'all mother$#&@ers tried to ball
The rise and fall
For y'all, ^!$$%, I'll be a huckleberry

Spittin' fire from the blood that me and Lucky Knuckles carry
Legendary, hereditary for ^!$$%s that know
I'm out the window with a stagecoach, fresh out the poke
My homie Loc gave me an order that the blind could see
Told me to blow him away, or make him ride with me

Put on your boots, cowboy, and pass the pound
I got the moonshine water makin' wine(^!$$%)
One of a kind, genuine
Know when to hold 'em and fold 'em
Y'all ^!$$%s gotta give me mine before I roll 'em, though

Playin' is raw
Quick on the draw
Hollerin' 'bout "$#&@ what you saw!"
Chewin' on straw
Steady bustin' like the Last Outlaw!

Huh, ^!$$% what!

"You gotta test yourself every day, gentlemen.
One you stop testing yourself, you get slow.
And when that happens, they kill you."

[Gunshots and screams]

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