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YOU'LL GET THROUGH THIS lyrics : "Days Of Grace"

To those on the brink of their very last try
To all those who don't have a tear left to cry
It's alright

There's still hope for you
To all those who that they've gone too far
Lost in the middle of a broken heart

Don't worry
He'll see you through

Cause these are the days of grace
Where our deliverance waits

And anyone who seeks his face
Will never be turned away
Cause these are the days of grace

For all those who feel like there's no one who cares
To those who can't see past the end of despair

He's waiting
With open arms
To all those who feel like they've missed their last chance

There's always a place in the saviour's plan
There's mercy
Right where you are


These are the days of open hands
Offering mercy's perfect plan
So embrace it with your soul

It's a treasure of hope


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