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YOU SAY PARTY lyrics : "Cold Hands! Hot Bodies!"

I open my eyes for a morning
I open my eyes for a when
I'm ticked off, I become in my veins

I pick the some so it don't blow so dead
I open my mouth for the singing
I open my notes for the sounds

I've tried to build those empty nests
cause it's pulling this neighborhood down
I've been tripped on all around town

I've been nothing but a shadow of lonely streets
Pull the words and colors
Such a full lost song, lost lovers, lost heat

It's like our hearts are on fire
But the heat turns out the lights
And we go reaching for each other

To keep warm, to stay bright

Cold hands! Cold bodies! (x4)

I've got heat for you

I've gotten hot for you

We're making it for you
We'll keep it going for you (for you, for you, for you, for you) (x4)

Cold hands! Hot bodies! (x9)

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