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YOU MAKE ME SMILE : You Make Me Smile lyrics

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YOU MAKE ME SMILE lyrics : "You Make Me Smile"

Callin' all cars, callin' all cars, uh uh, yung wun in here
Callin' all cars, callin' all cars, back up, back up, back up(gotta problem)
Time and time again, I try to be on the good foot

But ladies don't be given me good looks
It's hard when you livin' like us
I started the good book

It's just what I see that got me shook
Mean mugs and cold stance take a ^!$$% down
And to make him fail, I'mma take it to you how

Lights out, closed casket, murder warn
Young one come through with the under grudge
And live the life, don't talk about it

Don't make beef, come walk about it
Everybody know my name because I play in the street
Not because I say I'm street, mutha $#&@er

All my ^!$$%s is dirty, ^!$$%s is dirty

All my ^!$$%s is thirsy, thirsty thirsty
Now I don't give a $#&@, if ya'll don't give a $#&@
All my ^!$$%s is dirty, ^!$$%s is dirty

All my ^!$$%s is thirsty
Well I don't give a $#&@ if ya'll don't give a $#&@

Ya'll trying to sound like pop
I dunno w hy though
Sounded like pop is a position you shouldn't try for

They don't understand why they die for
And tell lies about black folk, and take from they own folk
That type of %#@! heavy poppin' through the stove

'Cause you don't want to show your face
'Cause its a known place
And I don't love her face when she take from me man

And I don't give a $#&@ what you think of me
'Cause what you think of me is nothin' but a mere decision
And they shipped my $$# off ta prison

If I die than death is a given
And if I live let me enjoy living
That's a wonderful feeling

[Chorus: x2]

As a kid I had no life for life
Everything I do they say it wasn't right
Doesn't matter huslters scatter

Everyday from 12 in the A-T-L
So love is like the wind blowing cold off the scale
Tell me what's going on

Two wrongs don't make a right
But I know two holes in your dome with take your life
I'm on the precious shorty

They coming after what I treasure
Its time we start renting out yachts
Young wun yacht masters ship out blocks

Hold my block why'll I hand out glocks
Send the ^!$$%s over the hill
When they done, go pop somebody for sho

[Chorus: x2]

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