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YOU ATE MY DOG : Sticks And Stones Break Bones But These Words Kill lyrics

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YOU ATE MY DOG lyrics : "Sticks And Stones Break Bones But These Words Kill"

How did it come to this
I find myself sick and tired
Yet I can't resist

Calling you out you liar.

Now that you know that I know

How you lie and blackmail your way through life
It's clear you're afraid oh it shows
So now like a cornered animal you try and bite

Oh it's on lets @@#! back these jaws of ours and fire words like bullets still
The last man who's standing will walk away wounded

N' everyone else fails to see why we can't stop

Now every word you twist gouge open my wounds wider

You didn't think that these metaphors would misfire

While sticks and stones they may break bones

When these words hit home they will end your life
Cus' I've got some words no-one knows and they're all about you
And your lies

So be careful cus' I just might let them slip

That's what it is this time I'll shoot to kill
I've bit my tongue for so long my mouths blood filled.

I know something you don't know that I know about you
(So now I'm bullet proof)

So now I'm bullet proof

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