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YOU ATE MY DOG : Altered lyrics

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YOU ATE MY DOG lyrics : "Altered"

I slowly ease out of her embrace and ask,
With a crooked smile in place,

Why she made my T-shirt wet.
But the smile was never returned see,
This ain't no laughing matter.

Dreams just shattered, I mean, futures died.
And she answered it was my fault.
I guess she's right, I mean, I did make her cry but,

I just can't let that stop me,
I mean, I haven't really started yet.
I guess some how that she could tell that I

Strongly had my mind set already.
You stopped crying yet?
I mean, you ready?

You don't make the cut girl I'm sorry,
Then again I mean, no one does so don't worry

I think we need to talk here if this is gonna work
The problem's not you, it is me
Hollywood has altered what I consider love

I'm standing in the corner freezing
During our romantic showers
I am naked your not wearing

'Makeup' sex won't change my mind this time
At first you think I'm joking
Then you're not quite sure

Then finally you see that you just can't compare
To what I see on

Silver screens where punch lines are clever and on cue

The first time that I met you I swear you looked like her

You said you liked romantic guys
Mimicking all of your favourite actors
I quoted their lines perfectly then

Suddenly these petty problems
Never seen on screen start drowning me
And you don't seem to react the same

Way that she does when she's on TV

Then finally you see that you just can't compare

To what I see, oh
Just maybe the sequel will hold a better fate

Just maybe we'll meet again
Then maybe you'll understand
Just how you're supposed to act

When I play my part right
You better play yours back

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