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You Army : Bound Release lyrics

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You Army lyrics : "Bound Release"

I'm lying around I'm wasting a frown
So where you wanna go tonight, where you wanna run tonight?

Times might have changed but some things remain
I place my lips on your earth, Precious is its worth
But don't forget sometimes.

I want to go home

To where I belong
And if it's dark and cold
That's when you'll light up my soul.

I splash on my face we could tear down a race

But is there a buzz at all, yet someone's gotta take the fall
If I start to complain you might think I'm that vain
That I'd return you to my own, something that you stole.

But don't forget sometimes


Musical Interlude

Some distance is near is that what you fear
You can write it in yellow blood and try to murder my only son

The haze might have passed, my hearts beating fast
Whisper to me now, my conscience screams out loud.
But don't forget sometimes


Don't forget me when I'm dreaming

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