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YOU AND ME IN REVERIE lyrics : "Thrown Away (acoustic)"

Streetlight metronomes are counting beats to the song this city sings
where there's light the music soars but in the dark it's more discreet
and all the people they are walking to a rhythm that they can't see

and the score is just so perfectly in order; then there's me

If life is a song, then I don't know the words

I try to sing along, but I just make it worse.
So much time
wasted in the worst of ways

I don't know if I'll ever find
my reason to stay

you know I'm just trying to figure out these long and sober days
and I can't help but think that these past 4 years are just gone
I can't remember if it was before or after the trust

In spite of everything they're just thrown away
Just thrown away

time ticking, going by, flying so fast
I never used to see myself and feel so $#&@ing sad
I'm not ready can we please set the clock back?

a minute a day a week a month a year

time keeps going, it stops for no one

and times been telling me it's time to grow up
but I'm not going I'm not ready for fall
I'll make this summer last forever cuz it's never enough

So much time
wasted in the worst of ways
Now I'll never get back my life

And all the days, just thrown away

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