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YONAS lyrics : "Roller Coaster"

feat. OCD: Moosh & Twist

Its something like a roller coaster

(feel it slow)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Up and down, Up and down, this is how my life has gone
Something like a roller coaster

Up and down, Up and down, this is how my life has gone
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Up and down, round and round, thats is what you mean to me
All the time on my mind, yeah this what it seem to be

Long as I fall in love, when I see your face, when I see your face
Sometimes I wonder why, how I gave you them butterflies
You don't want them other guys. (You don't want them other guys)

I-I-I roll up I show you love. Hold up
You know whats up. Go up and I come back down
Something like a roller coaster.


Up and down, round and round, life is like a merry go.
Here we are, whats it now? %#@!, I be like there we go.

Who you with, where you at, askin me like where you go.
There she is, thats my girl. %#@!, I be like there she go.
I don't really think I'm ballin. God damn, but you got it.

I don't really think you heard me when I told you, that you got it.
But I promise you can't knock me down, hell yeah we gotta stop it now.
Life with you is like a roller coaster and I think its time we drop it now.


Can someone explain,
The S in my name,

Stands for the Saviour,
Blessin the game,
Stress on the brain

From the pressure and pain.
I'm just trying to not get arrested again.
But wait let me spell out the story

And set it straight.
And on top of the people that try to hate.
Gotta love you that ^!$$% that would be the case,

No matter of what you accused or try to allegate.
Cause whats the point of watching your life fly by?
Got friends that hate they job. The just wanna get sky high.

And honestly it feels like yesterday, that I shared the stuff.
But you can sue with my girl, but life is a roller coaster.


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