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YONAS : Pumped Up Kicks (remix lyrics

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YONAS lyrics : "Pumped Up Kicks (remix"

(chorus of pumped up kicks)

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks,

best to run fast when I pump up this
musical block and the shots go firing, no lying man, i run this %#@!
Life a movie man I run my script

Similar to hustlers that run they strip
I shouldn't say similar cuz similar means equal, I ain't similar than ^!$$%s. they aint nothing like this.
I found a bottle with a note in there

it said "the worlds broke, and go repair it"
But it seems that no one cares
so i threw the bottle in the ocean Yeah!

Uh, i never chose my gift,
my gift chose me I don't owe y'all %#@!
started the gun and a loaded up a clip and a voice full of soul and it goes like this

(chorus of pumped up kicks)

Lights, cameras, life is just so scandless
but still i paint with honesty thats why they love whats on my canvas
I'm like P Sempress my service is so enchanting

I took a song by foster the people and fostered it into Yonas's anthem
^!$$% i'm a beast. Panther
and I don't know no answers.

thought i lost my soul 15 years ago when i lost my father to cancer
but i'm still here! %#@!!
And I refuse to quit.

just god and a gun and i load it up clip and a voice full of soul and it goes like this

(chorus of pumped up kicks)

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