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YONAS lyrics : "One More Time"

One time for you, and, one time for me
Sometimes you pay but, this time it's free

When you hear my voice, just know it's me

Cause I'm the realest on the M-I-C and the realest out of N-Y-C I got that late night, downtown city flow
The one girls get pretty too
I've got a killer instinct

So be careful when you're putting my name in them interviews/
You wanna fight? we can knuckle back
But I'm from the South Bronx, good luck with that

Plus I'm 25 sittin' on a couple stacks
And I've got a gift people flip when I $#&@in' rap
Yo but back to my night right?

I'm with a couple ladies, they're lookin' right, right?
Dark tints on the windows, of the limoooo
Can you picture what my life's like?

Fly mobster that's word to spaghetti bowls
But I ain't tryna tell you what you already know
But just in case you all forgot

I'mma spell it out for you one.... more.... time....! Until me, they ain't find my market yet
I'm not a rapper I'm an english architect
Plus I got a lil niche for pickin' the ill beats

No sleep, opposite, of narcoleps...
.... man my taste is absurd
Champagne spillin' with a plate of H'orderves

I hear my favorite song on the radio...
But I'm drunk so I make the up words/ yep..
Now I'm singin' off key

Show up to the club, they don't need ID
It's about to go down, give me 'bout three
And I'll be standing on the chairs in the VIP, yeah

Ago I'm young, I don't know rules
Will Ferrell $$# ^!$$%'s so old school
And I'm about to finish whats in my cup

Somebody please fill it up

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