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YONAS lyrics : "Looking For You"

Cause the night is the alive

I can tell deep inside
That you want me to come and find you
And I know what you said

I can't get it out of my head
I just don't know what you expect me to do
I'm looking for you

I'm looking for you (hey)
I'm looking for you
Do you look for me too?

I can tell that you do

[Verse 1]

Good time in the air can you feel that?
Got a drink no ice can you chill that?
I play fine, me, where the field at?

Got no time for the noise can you kill that?
New school style old school so
Hard not life style yes I know

I came a long way from the clumped up bricks
Now everywhere I go rock pumped up kicks
See me pool side with the red cup

Laid back on the beach chair legs up
Setting trends, we don't let the trend set us
Rock in the bid cause you know I got a fresh cut

Yeah you know my quotes
I fill the world up with so much dope
But I fill the world up with so much hope,

So there's contradictions in all my notes.
$#&@ that, throw the steaks on the grill ^!$$%
Got the whole world $#&@ing with a real ^!$$%

And there's really no reason to fight


[Verse 2]
And I got that sound for the radio

But I'm too damn real they don't play me so
I take it back to the soul like nineteen eighty-six, eighty-five, eighty-four
Put your lighter in the air for me one time

Two step to the sound of the drum line
Where I'm from its hard to find sunshine
So we don't really give a $#&@ about a punch line

Oh damn I'm fresh, oh damn girl, damn that dress
Make a man think impure thoughts
While I'm looking at all that flesh

So dim the lights real low
I paint the future with my light year flow
And there's really no reason to fight


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