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YONAS lyrics : "Feels Right Ft Logic"

[Verse 1: Yonas]
Thou shall forever fascinate upon my art
Cause on a wall of legends I'm about to make a mark

And nothing is forever so before I dare depart
I give you flows like presents you can't wait to tear apart
Trayvon in a hoodie, that could easily be me

I'm looking at the sky, "Like how evil this could be?"
Where's Jesus when you need him where we're bleeding in these streets
That's why I packed a semi-auto when I'm speeding in my jeep

%#@! is real when you're living in fear of being $$#assinated
It ain't an option no more, homie I have to make it
I see the ladies screaming in the studio cheering

These are million dollar vocals that they're engineering
I take a look behind me and see visions of home
I take a look ahead of me and see kingdoms and thrones

I'm on this journey and I'm my own opponent
Forgive me I'm just caught up in the moment

[Hook: Yonas x2]
So is this what you been waiting for
Cause the gangsters love it and the ladies do too man

I put this on my real life
I can't explain it, it's just something that feels right

[Verse 2: Logic]
(Young Sinatra)
Yeah, you know the deal cause really we never rest

Last night I was in the ER X-Ray to my chest
Palms sweaty, running the fever but never the less
I'm going through rhymes in my mind to relieve the stress

Come to find out the doctor said I have a throat infection
Not to mention, I got a couple shows this week
How am I supposed to hit the stage if I can't even speak

Second they knew what it was they gave me the medication
While the Rattpack smoking on Buddha like meditation
Then this homie Yonas hit me for a verse on this tape

I said, "Hell yeah homie, I got you with no debate"
So if my voice sounds $#&@ed up, it's cause I never take a day off
World wide getting money like Madoff

So if this verse ain't the definition of ill then you're insane
Cause through the sickness, hell, pleasure and pain
Yeah, I'm married to this mother $#&@ing game

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