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Yolanda Perez and Don Cheto : Estoy Enamorada (English) lyrics

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Yolanda Perez and Don Cheto lyrics : "Estoy Enamorada (English)"

I am in love by Yolanda Perez y don Cheto

Hello is Yol there? Who? Yolanda, your daughter?

No, no she's not here. You have the wrong number.
Don't call this house again please.
Dad, did somebody call?

No nobody, a gangster, but it was a wrong number.
What, but why did you hang up on my boyfriend?
What? How is it that you have a boyfriend, and I didn't know?

No wonder there's always bills on the phone!
Don't tell me please that you can't believe it;
If all my friends have boyfriends I can too!

You and your friends are still children that still don't
Even know how to warm up tortillas! And now you want to date?
Its better that you focus on your studies!

You and mom never change, you're so boring!
You're not in your farm; you're in the United States!
I don't care if it's my farm or the north,

All I want is for my daughter to behave!
Everyday those skirts you wear get shorter,
I'm scared that one day you'll go out in only panties!\

You don't understand anything! I don't need permission;
I'm going to have a boyfriend and I don't care if you get mad!
(I am in love, and my father doesn't understand)

No, I don't understand, and I don't care to!
I don't want to see that boy around.
[To him belongs my soul and mind]

If I see him, just wait and see?
I know you're still with stupid, don't think I don't know.
Look, if you find a nice young man

That knows how to respect you
For your wedding I'll buy you anything you want.
Hell no! What do you mean no, darn it?

Watch it, or you'll play for the band!
(I am in love, and my father doesn't understand it)

Oh, you're so stubborn! I don't know what you see in that boy, I don't know!
[To him belongs my soul and mind]
When he's in front of me, he'll get a beat down!

Come on Yolanda, I don't want to argue with you;
Go help your mother!
I already put the dishes in the dishwasher dad!

Well then? go to your room!
I got to go, they're here for me
Who's here for you? Bye!

No, don't tell me that please. I'm getting a heart attack!
Bye, I love you! I love you too, but? *gasp*

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