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YOLANDA ADAMS : More Than A Melody lyrics

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YOLANDA ADAMS lyrics : "More Than A Melody"

Verse One:
In the still of a moment; my voice can be heard
So listen carefully, there music inside each word

I am the Composer, of the melody of life
So, take upon my yoke learn of me, I'll be your guiding light
I am the Director, Be part of My symphony

I speak peace unto the storms; even the winds obey Me
Let me be your song, you'll never have to walk alone
I will help carry on, carry on

Verse 2:
I am the music within the inner ear
Hearken unto my voice, I'll declare, I'll draw near

I am the rythym to every beat of your heart
And, If you'll place your trust in me I'll never ever part
So, let Me be your song, you'll never have to walk alone

I will help you carry on, onnn
When the notes are formed(They make)

They make a special sound(the music inside the music)
The music inside the music;(It lifts me when i'm down, i'm more than)
More than the beat of time(so much more)more than the lyric more than

More than just a melody(More than just a ryhme)
More than just a rhyme; more than just a melody;come unto me

More than just a melody(i'm your closet friend i'll be there to the end)

More than just a rhyme(Shelter in the time of the storm;you'll never
Have to be alone,now)
More than just a melody(trouble won't last always when you realize

That iam)
More than just a rhyme(you won't to live each day alone because I am

More than just a melody(more than just a song to sing more than the
Beat moree,morree)
More than just a melody(More than anything that you can spend me on, spend me on

I am)
More than just a melody(Morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
More than just a melody(Yes,Yes i'm more)

More than just a melody
More than just a melody
More than just a melody

This more than a melody is off the cd entitled "More Than A Melody(Not
"Best of Yolanda Adams)

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