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YIPERMAN : Nosferatu A.K.A Vampire Song lyrics

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YIPERMAN lyrics : "Nosferatu A.K.A Vampire Song"

Verse 1:
In the darkbess I lie hiding from the glistening sun
In the streets i wander, looking for a bride tonight

Always lurking in the dark, searching for a prey of mine
Peaceful, tranquil as they walk... So naive

I hope that you'll understand all the things that i have to do

By then you will be with me and we'll rule the night


Dancing, dancing oh in the moonlight
Dancing, dancing with this bride of mine
Dancing, dancing oh till the sunrise

Dancing, dancing, what a nice suprise

Verse 2:

I can see you right now, like a prey, yes you are
Well tonight you'll be mine with a bite peircing your neck

Mine oh mine, I have you all to myself
Mine oh mine, we will never be the same

Yeah we'll set the world aflame

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