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YING YANG TWINS lyrics : "Whistle While You Twerk"

whistle while you twurk
go head and start and make that

#[email protected] fart and whistle while you
twurk (twurk summin).

{ying yang twins}
ying yang in this thang
(ying yang).


[verse 1]

Let me see you make that #[email protected] fart
good lord make it shake like a salt shaker
to hard get it up to you can't ugh no moe

see I love when you hoes take it to tha floor
baby bounce biggy bounce ugh it's on you
shouty you can twurk in your skirt if you want

to see we came to keep it crunk for ya all night
put a dub in tha club show me what I like.

[verse 2]
These (*##$es make money in tha club these
hoes like to take it off for a thug you can't come

with nothin less than a dub or she lookin at yo $$#
like a scrub these hoes like it when a ^!$$% show em
love and she'll show you what she really made of I

guarantee yo $$# wouldn't get enough tell her pop that
%#@! drop that %#@! "WHAT".


[verse 3]
Where them hoes that's buying me a ticket I thank
they all dance at club nikki's now where them hoes who

be spittin that game I thank they all dance at tha blue flame
where them hoes that be hard booty shakin I thank they all
dance at tha foxxy lady.

[verse 4]
I know she a shakin booty hoe no teaser she ain't no sceaser

when ya all fat pleaser now where them (*##$es that be quick to
show them [email protected]%$ I thank they all dance at tha magic city I know
some (*##$es that be quick to take over you got tha green on your

scene and strokers.


And whistle while you twurk (twurk) gotta
make that money for sure (sure) you got some
nice lookin [email protected]%$ body look pretty so don't be

scared to twurk (twurk summin).

[verse 5]

Say them ^!$$%z in tha club wanna hate wanna touch
her #[email protected] and never wanna pay I said shouty $#[email protected] that
^!$$% do your thang I see your crunk tiger stripe G- strang

it's bout that dollar bill then pepermint see them hoes represent
for their rent.

[verse 6]
If you in a booty club and you get your money spent and baby
mama now she wonder where it went.


[verse 7]
Some of these (*##$es be real they hard knock once

you get em crunck they start and they want stop hoes
get naked for cheese they love that take tha baddest (*##$
in tha club I $#[email protected] that some these (*##$es been crunk since

first day some of these (*##$es in tha club they don't play half
these (*##$es who shake it they turn gay ^!$$%z gone pay to see
#[email protected] anyway (ahh,ahh).

[verse 8]
Some of these ^!$$%z be walkin tha thin line $#[email protected]
wit these hoes wit no clothes and no mind baby girl out
to get money she gone shine everyday of work she gone be

there on time her #[email protected] poppin shouty be sweatin like she
noid kinda like tha way that thang be like a hard turn around
yeah that's it good lord tryin to do a chinese split and make it

And whistle while you twurk (twurk) and let me see you
work (work) get off in tha club wit a tru city thug and sip some
erk and jerk so if you want this floor (floor) just how low can you
go (go) let me see you grab tha pole and touch them toes now take

it to tha floor.

[repeat till fade]

lil lower now .
[repeat till fade]

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