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YING YANG TWINS lyrics : "Say I Yi Yi Yi Yi (Remix)"

This ain't no lie yi yi
Ying Yang bringing that fi yi yi

Smoking on dro, We stay hi yi yi
Rolling on dubs like I yi yi
I yi yi

[Verse 1]
Real $$# ^!$$%z gon po within a reason

Feeling like some drama gon come, Get ^!$$%z bleedin
Ping brain little life chances
Ambulances, And plenty murder man dances, ha!

And for the ^!$$%z that be popping that lip
how high I tip, Tearing body fleshes off of the rip
Like a lady when she having a $#[email protected] new born

The doctor holla push, and her skin is torn a child is born

[Verse 2]

We poping the pistals
Making dem whisals
Slanging dem thangs

Still keeping the pistal down on ther brain
And yeah we changing the game
Cuz we be spittin some %#@!

That sound good when you hear it make your (*##$ turn trick
Cuz its the year of the year
Yang bring that pain

Twins all in your city
Looking at $$# and [email protected]%$
And ride twenties

On big boy trucks, Doing big boy stuff
We big boy rid er and big boy drive

[Hook] 2x

[Verse 3]

Hol up, Wait a minute
Let me put my two cent in it
Some of yall

Say you mean it
But we, Repasent it
We gon keep it twerkalaten

Ask these ^!$$%z why they haten
Standing in the line tryna buy my tape

After they, Purchase it
Then a motha$#[email protected] say
Why we hate on ying yang

All we doin is spiitin game
Some of yall mouves has, Gotta be to weak
Falling in love with a straight ho

[Verse 4]
Major money makas, Papa chasas, On the grin for chips

Tryna make a million dollars before its time to dip
So real ^!$$%z make your money man
Flip the script or flip your bird

Sell that co-cain, Its on you
Do what you gotta do to make a livin
Get you a gat

Go out and rob a tyte boy while your pimping
Its better ways, Better days if you look at it
But your $$# to fat

You hopping like a jack rabbit

[Hook] 2x

[Verse 5]
Stuck, $#[email protected], down on my luck and!

Brought me a truck
And the motor blew up man!
%#@! been hard for me fo real

For bout five yeas
My life been a $#[email protected] down hill
It seems like im married to her $#[email protected] da-dy

Cuz i live through this %#@! but I neva eva win
A victim of circumstance
They give me no second chance
They come and they naked dance
So come fight and be a man

[Verse 6]
You make a ^!$$% knock a #[email protected] motha$#[email protected] stop your self
While you running off at the mouth you better watch your self
So dag on

Move away, ^!$$% move (move)
And let a motha$#[email protected] get thew (get thew)
Ying yang in this thang
And we ain't gon change
$#[email protected] me

Naw ^!$$%
$#[email protected] you
Keep it real
For dem ^!$$%z ans hoes
Who be throwing dem bows

Getting crunk at dem shows
Smoking nothing but dro

[Hook] 4x

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