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YING YANG TWINS lyrics : "Pull My Hair"

[Girl Talking]
Hey You
You know you been talking a lot of %#@!

Whispering in my ear
Making me feel all hot and bothered and %#@!
Making a mother$#[email protected] ^^&$#*

You say you can $#[email protected]
Prove it

Look (*##$
You dun talked a whole lot of %#@!

But wait 'til you see my dick
I ain't really fo' the talking game
You dun came in the room and started handling thangs

First start wit brain
Then i'ma beat the #[email protected] up
Hit it from the back

And beat the #[email protected] up
Girl why you fronting d
Doing all that running

Be yo $$# still
Long dick coming
Now ride on the dick like you was dancing in the club

He really love attention
So show him some love
Now come up slow and just ride the head

Now drop down fast
Put it all in the air
Now turn ya $$# around let me hit it from behind ya

Put big dick inside ya
I'ma hit it from the back while I'm pulling your hair
You climbing up the wall but I'm pulling your hair

Getting freaky than a mother$#[email protected] sweating
I'm all on you, you all on me
$#[email protected] like dogs

Me and shawty off of the wall
And I like the way she play with the balls
Shawty I ain't holding nothing back at all

Ain't scared to put the mouth on the dick
She swallowed it
And she like it when a ^!$$% be pulling her hair

Talking nasty to her $$# while I'm pulling her hair

[Chorus (Girl)]

Now that I got you in the bed
I'm gon' pull yo hair
snatch yo $$# up by the head

I'm gon' pull yo hair
(Pull my hair, Pull it hard)
(Pull my hair, Pull it tight)

(Pull my hair, Come on baby)
(Pull my hair) [Moans]
($#[email protected] me daddy, Spank me daddy)

($#[email protected] me daddy, Spank me daddy)
($#[email protected] me daddy, Spank me daddy)
($#[email protected] me... %#@!)

Mmmmmm You like this

You wanna see what I have

[Kaine (Girl)]

Ay (*##$
I'm talking to you
(So tell me what you want me to do)

[Clears Throat] Looka Hear
Drop down on all fours like a dog

Now I'm looking at yo $$# 'fore I hit it
That #[email protected] from the back
I'ma get it

I'm walking over to you wit the rubber
Yo $$# in trouble

(Is it up high enough)
I dun called yo bluff
$#[email protected] you 'til you cry

"You said I beat that #[email protected] from the back so much that I hurt yo side
Yo $$# shoulda been built for the war, $#[email protected] it,
and if you don't wanna wear yo tail you need to put it in ya $$# and tuck it"

I whispered just to get ya in the bed
Now I'm finna pull yo hair on ya head
(Pull it)
Shouldn't have $#[email protected] wit me

If ya $$# coulda ran you woulda
But you put that there aside
That's how my dick got between yo thighs
Now let's all ride
I got a 10 foot pole

That'll go in yo hole
Take yo soul
Make nut come out yo nose
Fall all on yo clothes

[Chorus (Girl)]

[Chorus (Just Guy)]

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