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YING YANG TWINS : Live Again lyrics

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YING YANG TWINS lyrics : "Live Again"

(feat. Adam Levine of Maroon 5)

[Intro: D-Roc]

I know what you go through
From me to you, I love you

[Verse 1: D-Roc]
From the ^!$$% to the baller, never satisfied
So the money got you doing %#@! that'll $#&@ up your pride

You ain't a hoe, you just really trying to get by
Every day looking up at the sky
Sometimes, %#@! get so hard

It really have you bothered
First you sigh, then you cry
Up a whole puddle of water

Seem like this %#@! won't ever end
Merry go rounds to the whirlwinds
Waves turn to a hurricane

If you see joy, you got to see pain
%#@! in the world ain't gonna ever change
Even when you die, it'll be the same

Now you due to them circumstances
Jars aren't counted so your forced to dance
Hoping and praying for a second chance

Just wanna put back on your pants
Walk out the club and throw up your hands
Tired of being disrespected by her man

Think this %#@! ain't right for you
^!$$%z been yellin all night for you
Got in your mind what's best for you

Walk up to the club to tell them your through

[Chorus: Adam Levine]

She's stuck off in this little room
With nothing left to hold onto
Her life is in a little box

She's wondering will it ever stop?
The life of a stripper

[Hook: Girl]
I'm so sick and I'm so tired
Of these clubs, I keep crying

Every night, I wipe my eyes
Cause these years pass me by
I give up, I'm all in

My whole life is full of sin
This road is a dead end
I wanna live again

From the part where a child is torn from a mothers umbilical cord

No one really enforces that lifes gonna be hard
Which is kinda left up to the teachers
And the teachers leave it up to the preachers

the preachers ain't fillin' up the bleachers
It's the rappers
Sad, ain't it

[Verse 2: Kane]
It was this girl named Star, pretty fine little woman

Going to college, taking off her clothes for money
She gotta pay the rent, she got a little girl
Her baby daddy ain't %#@!, See what she dealin with?

But she gotta hold on (hold on)
Wanna leave the club alone (you dead wrong)
She gotta pay the bills but in the meantime

She like "$#&@ how she feel" living is real
So she back in the club again
Taking off her clothes again

Going to school, going to work, getting tiring
Lack of sleep but baby gotta eat
and these shoes on her feet

She got a test next week so she stressed
Ask god to give her a blessing, send her in the right direction
Her parents died when she was eight years old

And after that, she felt like she was all alone
But she got her grandparents and they raised her well
Keep going to school, take care of yourself
Getting hard, going to school and work in the club
And at the same time looking for love

She can't keep skipping for an occupation
In a minute, she'll be graduating
Make her wanna throw up her hands
Now she only wanna live again




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