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YING YANG TWINS lyrics : "Grey Goose"

Ayyy yup

[D-Roc (x2):]

285 sip 75 75 south 75 to the turnpike


Take that %#@! to the bottom, bottom [x2]
Just take that %#@! to the bottom,bottom
Take that %#@! to the bottom,bottom

[Chorus - Kaine (x2):]
If you don't give a $#[email protected]

Put yo middle fingaz up
Aint no kool-aid in my cup
Gimme that Grey Goose (that grey goose)

[Verse 1 - Kaine:]
This here for my alcoholics

What's that drink grey goose they call it
A big ol glass wit a bird on the bottle
A ^!$$% wanna get more drunker so he swallow

Back up, buy two coronas, you'll tell an ugly (*##$ in tha club you want her
Gonna drink mo liquor than a drunk, get crunk
Til a ^!$$% breath smell like skunk (Hanh!!)

Drankin everyday like gasoline in the car, you can find me at the bar

Or the liquor stoe, to get some mo grey goose so I can wet my throat
Walk up in the store, grey goose right there
How much that is, let me get that there

Put yo middle finga up if you don't give a $#[email protected]
Tilt yo head back, now finish the cup

[Chorus - Kaine (x2)]

[intro - D-Roc (x2):]

Y'all ^!$$%z ain't crunk
Y'all ^!$$%z don't bump
Y'all can't blow out the trunk

Y'all ^!$$%z ain't crunk

[Verse 2 - Kaine:]

Alcohol seepin outta your pores
Smellin like a liquor bearer steady talkin to [email protected]^%s
Say that ^!$$% so drunk, he'll $#[email protected] the floor ($#[email protected] the floor) $#[email protected] the floor

When the day start a liquor in tank
That ^!$$% can't get a (*##$, its like he ready to fight
But the goose got him loose so he don't give a $#[email protected]

He just whip it to the bar to get another cup


I drink grey goose, call me the ugly duckling
You ain't put in on this, you ain't drankin nothin
I drink by my [email protected]#$ self

Ima get drunk by my [email protected]#$ self
Turn up the bottle, drink it cowboy style
Sweatin like a mother$#[email protected] buck $$# wild

Put your middle finger up, if you don't give a $#[email protected]
Tilt ya head back, now finish the cup

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3 - Kaine:]

G, gotta grab a bottle of that sheeit
R, right back at it with my click
E, everybody drunk then a mother$#[email protected]

Y, yall stay drunk than a mother$#[email protected]


G, mean that ya gotta be grown
O, ya gotta put a cup on yall
O, outrageously drunk

S, see I got something in my cup
E, everybody gettin $#[email protected] up

But buddy on tha floor torn up
Of that goose get ya loose, and known to $#[email protected] up a crew [x2]

If you, If give a $#[email protected] now

If you give a $#[email protected], give a $#[email protected] now
If you, give a $#[email protected], give a $#[email protected] now

[Chorus - until fade]

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