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YING YANG TWINS lyrics : "By Myself"

Eh, yo, yo yo
This is Ying Yang Twins with a ghetto public service announcment (uh oh)

Red light (ohh), red light (ohh, ohh)
Stay by yourself, (ohh) by yourself (ohh)...

[Chorus x2]
Smoke by myself
Drink by myself

$#[email protected] these hoes by my [email protected]#$ self, for rrreal (By my [email protected]#$ self)
For rrreal (By my [email protected]#$ self)

[Verse 1]
^!$$% dwell on it, can't he
So tell on me, got my (*##$ all at the crib

Try to smell on a ^!$$%, wanna stay around him
But when I'm sitting on the couch
She keep me saying "ouch", cuz she grabbin on my crouch

And I already know, thinking to myself
What the $#[email protected], somebody told
Had to have been one little ^!$$% that I showed

Some %#@! that they never should have seen, anyhow
All hell nigguh...hatin' on me now, smokin' on my weed
Steady drinkin' on my beer, hell naw ^!$$%h

Get the $#[email protected] up out of here, can't hold one
So you can't hold your tongue, ^!$$%h lips smackin
Like she chew bubble gum, tell her where I been

What I did, who I'm with
Said see me with two (*##$es, thats when I said it
I gotta stay the $#[email protected] away from head, I'ma

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
Smokin' weed by myself, drinkin' Henn by myself
Buckin' hoes by myself, I fuss with nobody else

Now red light, child started a fight
Just talking all about us, and whilin', its alright
I hate when my brothers, $#[email protected]' up undercovas

Shorty, did I stutter? Go get another rubba
Child is shaking like blubba, child that want me to cut her
Too many ^!$$%s in the house, time to get out!

I get freaky in the back, while you play at your work
I'm hitting the fat monkey, and damn your girl chunky
Haven't seen what I've been, I'm drinking all alone

On the phone with my b...l, u, n, t 'course every day
I white out, acamo, philly, or marsailles
Give a $#[email protected] about a (*##$, what that mutha$#[email protected] say?

Who gives a %#@!? Grab a (*##$ in the club
Show her love with a dub, and them ^!$$%s hatin' cuz I...

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]

Smoke by myself, drink byself
$#[email protected] by myself, cuz I was born by my [email protected]#$ self
$#[email protected], runnin' train, that %#@! lame

I'd rather be one-on-one with a (*##$ getting brain
Too many heads on a blunt, ^!$$% don't get high
I don't give a $#[email protected], if ya got five

Every now and then you chip, and you wanna get Henn
But you never got a twinny-twin-twin, don't roll trees
Hey man, %#@!, take it from me

You better hope you get drunk on a pepsi
Up, thats a beep, might be a freak (Hey lemme roll with your phone?)
I ain't taking nobody with me, I'ma ride by myself

Get high by myself, get drunk by myself
$#[email protected] this ho by my [email protected]#$ self (myself)
Don't nobody hold your own, like your own

Thats why we on our own...

[Chorus x3]

See now when you do what you do, how you do what you do

When you do what you do, nobody can tell on you
If you all by yourself, ah ah ah, say it
I don't need no friends, I don't need no foes
I'ma drink my Henn, and choke all out the door
Now everybody said goodbye, get your hand that burns

It's just good to see ya ride, reverse, reverse
Biieetch, reverse, reverse, biieetch
To wonder all this time, what happened this time? (Hoooo!)
Everybody tries ta, everybody chill...we just playin'
Everybody but me, Ying Yang Twins out for the 2001

(Eh, we'd like to thank y'all)
Went down to the jukebox...

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