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YING YANG TWINS : A! (feat. China Dog) lyrics

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YING YANG TWINS lyrics : "A! (feat. China Dog)"

$#&@ them mutha $#&@in ^!$$%z and them hoes
And them ^!$$%z that be talkin that smack
Act on those #[email protected] mutha$#&@az or those hoes'll

Put this trouble on your nutsac
Pack, let a ^!$$% know ^!$$% know do you wanna go that far with us
Do you wanna go to war with us

Do you really thank that you gonna stop a, top a, drop a, NO
With a ^!$$% in tha street (?) heapin at me, he a true city thug
Yeah, ha ^!$$% what? When you trapped in a cut, ain't nobody showin no love

Hoes lookin for a he'll hold to clapped, cuz (*##$ you already some
If you lookin for a shell to hide behind that mean you (?) from a punk, !#$*!

Chorus: 2x
A! A! A! A!
^!$$% what da $#&@, ^!$$% whatcha say, ha

A! A! A! A!
^!$$% what da $#&@, ^!$$% whatcha say, ha
A! A! A! A!

^!$$% what da $#&@, ^!$$% whatcha say, ha
A! A! A! A!
Do you know the price you pay

You lay down low for hoes

Get that mat out your nose
You heard the same story told
From beginnin to old

I give a $#&@ no mo', (*##$ 'bout the cheese
Hangin round a ^!$$% cuz he drinkin and smokin weed
Ridin on them D'z

Thugs ride clean
Mo' gone mean,
Just many peepin out that scene, gotta make that money man

So I'm headin to the trap
First hit the Micky D'z, dropped da crib to take a nap
^!$$%! ^!$$%! ^!$$%!

Chorus: 2x

[China Dog]
You flip the script
I'm gonna kick the %#@!, for all of my thugs(echo)

Ask me was up, what you got on the dub, but I have no love for scrub(echo)
I gotta get mine, so I grab so Hennessy some weed so I can get crunk
If I get and itchy finger on my finger on da trig-

I'ma put this nig- in da trunk
Don't waste no time, this killa be kill, I ain't fin to die by this %#@!
Don't waste no time, just walk up to em, squeeze, and lets get what I need

Drag the body in the creek getta burn rubber cuz I gotta fleed the scene
No time to go to jail for a murder case all the thugs,
Judge you know what I mean (echo)

Chorus: 2x

Some of these ^!$$%z be $#&@in' ya'll quick, ^!$$%,
What you taught my Ying Yang Twins (?) still runnin' up at the (?)

Some of these ^!$$%z be perpetratin'
On the side-lines, instigatin
^!$$% like me be concetrate, quick to start regulate

Grab yo' %#@!, ya gon' get killed, times up anyway
$#&@in wit the Ying Yang Twins don't you know the price you pay
Obviously you don't cuz you still wanna run ya mouth

When you hear that A!(echo) we tell em bout that dirty south


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