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YING YANG TWINS lyrics : "23 Hr. Lock Down"

(feat. Bun B)


23 hour lockdown
Where they treat you like a ho
Slide you a plate up under the door

^!$$% have to %#@! in the middle of the floor
Prison ain't a place that we need to go
So 'til they free Pimp C

I'ma leave up to U G O K K K
To keep it street
This one here for the street

This one here for the street
Life can be so hard
%#@! can hurt so bad

Always have you sayin'
Constantly making you mad (Say Free Pimp C Free Pimp C!)
Life can be so hard (Free Pimp C Free Pimp C!)

%#@! can hurt so bad (Free Pimp C Free Pimp C!)
Always have you sayin (Free Pimp C Free Pimp C!)
Constantly making you mad

[D Roc]
In a lil bitty room where there ain't no light

Thinkin bout this is the wrong and the right
The dark and the light, the strong and the weak
Your conscious askin you trying to get you sanity

You gotta hold your ground
Can let it ??? Your friends in the heatership
While they always dip

Left you by yourself stuck up $#[email protected] up
Behind them bars, the times is hard
Thought you was smart

Now you losing
Jumping around the room giving yourself febreezy
Trying all types of suicidal tactics

The people walk in and put you in strait jacket
Until they free Pimp C
I'ma leave it up to U G O K K K

To keep it street
That's why me and my brother
Got Bun B to bounce wit us on this beat


23 hours lockdown in a cell
Can drive a ^!$$% crazy as hell

Looking at four walls

Can do nothing at all

Got you feeling like a dog in a cage
A monkey on the rage
And the guard I wanna spit in your face

Take the privilege away
But keep your head up son be brave
Don't let the worries of jail bring you down keep a focus head

And gain more knowledge instead
I know it's not where you wanna be
But take it from me I know everybody love to be free

So god dammit free Pimp C
I know he ready to hit the street
And jumb back to makin beats

And I know that ^!$$% miss Bun B
So we gon keep it on the G
That's comin for my brother and me

And we gon be here when you hit the streets
We waiting on the date that they free Pimp C


[Bun B]

D-Roc let me put something on your brain
How would you feel if they locked up Kane?
Kane how would you feel if they locked up D?

Well that's what the $#[email protected] happened to me
With Pimp C, my right hand
My best friend
My ace boom coom, man we closer than ken
We've been on the grind, holdin it down

Till he got caught up in some bull%#@!, that got him some time
Almost lost my mind, started drinkin a fifth a day
Couldn't understand why they was takin a pimp away (Why?)
We right on the edge, we bout to blow
?? Need to go

Sittin in the cell watchin time go pass
Lookin at your kids and your momma through a glass
If I could turn back time I would of told him keep the glock down
But now I pray for the day he may get out 23 hour lock down

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