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YES : Lift Me Up lyrics

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YES lyrics : "Lift Me Up"

(Trevor Rabin, Chris Squire)
Look around - Got no place to stay.
God I hate this town, depending on the day.

You lift me up, you lift me down - Alright, OK.

While I got no life, I got no hope;

I'm falling in love.
Help me through the fight;
Help me with tonight - I'm calling.

What to do I find it hard to know;
Lord, the walk is not the one I chose...

Lift me up and turn me over;
Lead me on into the dawn.

Take me to the highest mountain;
Tie me up, love in a storm.
Have you decided on my fortune?

Facing the future in your eyes,
With your imperial behaviour
We fight amidst the battle cries.

Open doors - They may be closed to me;
The fire's still burning in my heart...

What to do I find it hard to know;
I want to turn my life around...

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