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YELAWOLF : Sky's The Limit lyrics

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YELAWOLF lyrics : "Sky's The Limit"

They say the sky is the limit
Well I guess it all depends on you

In your views
In your American dream
Don't tell me that the sky is the limit

Cause it ain't about what you can do
It's a who knows who
In this American dream

Okay you got criminals everywhere, right?
Criminals smugglin' dope across borders to feed America's high appetite

Kis, pounds, ounces, grams, whatever the weight of substance is gettin' towed
Cause drugs got a price
Home hydroponics, LSD chemist

Spoon cookin' [email protected](%e, junkies fill up methadone clinics
Get caught for crack and catch a long sentence
You ask me how I feel about that, maybe you got the wrong witness

I heard Jay Z's cool with Obama
Obama must be cool with me then I guess if I'm packin' up this Honda
I highly doubt it but $#&@ it, it's worth a shout out

At least that's what I tell the judge before I [?]
Meanwhile I'm gettin' taken to the county for a seed
There's a news flash on the holdin' cell TV

Boston bombed by a terrorist at a marathon
8 year old killed and the killer's still free
%#@! is hard to believe


I ain't no politically savvy citizen
I'm just an average man who writes poetry about witnessin' $#&@ery
And these police who always $#&@ with me

Do time for sharin' dirt, my boy trusted me
But I picked music over hustlin', and I made it out luckily
Could've been on corners droppin' quarters from a bucket seat

My cousins preach about the lord but all I see is crime
If the Vatican has got the book then what the $#&@ is mine?
Just a line with a hook

You might as well be a rapper cause you signed and get booked
All the same to a suit
Black or white, you still a crook

If you ain't a Justin Leave It to Beaver with that look
Then just drop the egg in the skillet, let it cook
Who y'all bein' took

No I'm not a crook, son but this one ain't shook
But I'm rollin' Mobb Deep, my dreams on a Harley Davidson
Pigs, I hardly wave at them, yeah I said hardly

If I'm rude then pardon me but remember...


My grandparents retired from 9 to 5s
Then paid for my hospital bills when mama was doin' lines

I wasn't raised up like the model American
But I love what it made me, life is all about where and whens
Whos and hows that ultimately create my heritage

My great grandaddy Otis would sit down in his chair and then
Smoke a cigarette while he sipped on Muscatine moonshine
Homemade, and reminisce about the old days

He died of cancer when I was 5
I wasn't allowed to go see him in his casket cause I would've cried
I got so much value off life in such a short time

Memories stick to my heart and today they still apply
They used to share crops when they were poor
He worked his $$# off at the mill and then he opened up a store

Both of my granddaddies fought a war
So I can say what I'm sayin' in this record for you and yours


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