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Year Of Desolation : The Cleansing lyrics

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Year Of Desolation lyrics : "The Cleansing"

Shattering every part of me, I can't believe what I'm hearing.
Her leave from sorrow has left me standing: alone, desperate the hours commence.
I know the angels brush her face as I stand here in circle of confusion.

Tell me everything, I see suffering.
Pain, she lived in pain.
Safe, she was not safe.

Breathe, I could not breathe, dawn the darkest dawn.
Lost (forever).
In my heart forever, in my thoughts forever.

Lost control, things just aren't the same.
The change, has left me shaking.

Everything in life has to say goodbye, everything in life has to end sometime.
All I know is what you've taught me to be: this dream won't fad I'll keep it alive with your memory.
Right now, feel this (pressure).

Use your (mind).
$#&@ the (cause).
Have no (fear).

Beyond this there's nothing else: feel the waves come crashing back.
Beyond this there's nothing else: sand at her feet now turns to black.
Silenced for eternity: you live through me.

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